Case Studies

At Eskenzi, we get coverage in spades for our clients.  No matter what the challenge, we use our tech PR savvy and creativity to keep our clients in the limelight.  We have around 20 clients that are some of the biggest cyber security companies in the world who stay with us for an average of seven years. Read more about how and why our clients ‘dig’ us in the case studies below. our clients to read more about each case stud





case stidies

Alert Logic was founded in the US in 2002 and wanted to build up a profile as an important, credible voice within the cloud and cyber security space. Through Eskenzi they have since established themselves as thought leaders within the industry, with articles written by their key security experts regularly featuring key publications.
Eskenzi was recruited to help build AlienVault’s brand in the UK and to promote its fantastic management team and researchers by making the company a household name in the IT security arena.
AppRiver approached Eskenzi in 2014 to help them become more visible in the UK market. They already had over 45,000 corporate customers and secure over eight million mailboxes around the world – but their challenge was to build a stronger brand presence in the UK.
Bromium approached Eskenzi with an innovative endpoint security solution that was unseen within the UK markets.
After being with the UK’s biggest PR agency for a number of years, ESET was keen to move to a proactive bespoke agency that knew the IT security industry inside and out, as they were eager to aggressively increase brand awareness, build their footprint and have a strong share of voice in the UK.
Long term client HPE Security – Data Security (previously Voltage Security) first approached Eskenzi in 2013
As a client for seven years, the PR objectives for Imperva have continuously changed to meet the changing needs of both the customers and the business. Initially it was to build up their brand name in the UK
Back in 2010, having seen the great job Eskenzi did for a competitor, Lieberman Software’s CEO had been chomping at the bit to work with Eskenzi. So when the opportunity arose, he quickly accepted to work with us within 15 minutes of receiving our offer.
The challenge presented by MIRACL was to change the company name from CertiVox to MIRACL by establishing the new name as a recognized company through high-volumes of media coverage and build up a brand image in the press.
NuData Security first approached Eskenzi as a fairly young company with an innovative solution, wishing to establish a larger presence in the UK and beyond their current North American market.
Proofpoint came to Eskenzi with the objective of raising their profile within Europe. Eskenzi has now been working for Proofpoint for almost two years and they are one of the biggest names in the security industry. Proofpoint receives hundreds of cuttings each month in Europe in the leading technology and national publications.
Eskenzi partnered up with cyber security start-up, Redscan, for a three month contract to build up momentum in the media. At the end of the three months Eskenzi had achieved 89 pieces of coverage, resulting in an estimated reach of 433,949,721, and much more...
Tripwire is one of Eskenzi’s flagship clients and we have helped increase their brand awareness in the UK year over year. Tripwire’s partnership with Eskenzi expanded to include US PR. Together Eskenzi and Tripwire achieve over a thousand press cuttings each month.
Varonis initially came to Eskenzi PR with huge ambitions of becoming a global leader in managing unstructured data and tasked Eskenzi with the job of helping them to build brand awareness and market share.