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Varonis initially came to Eskenzi PR with huge ambitions of becoming a global leader in managing unstructured data and tasked Eskenzi with the job of helping them to build brand awareness and market share. We started off working with them solely in the UK, but it wasn’t long before the coverage started rolling in and we were given the job of extending our PR services to cover France, Germany and the USA. In addition, Eskenzi took on the challenge of helping Varonis succeed in an IPO and, as a result, the unstructured data specialist's shares soared when it made its public trading debut.

Varonis are now a household name in the data management arena, producing thought-leadership commentary and articles on a daily basis, which consistently attract the attention of national media, business press and trade publications alike. In 2015, across three regions, Varonis obtained over 1,000 pieces of press coverage. Varonis also ranks #5 among the fastest-growing companies, with between $50 and $100 million in annual revenues.

“We originally started using Eskenzi in the UK - this soon expanded to France, Germany and the US. We’re even using their expertise for European channel and field marketing. The quality of press coverage has never been higher for Varonis and they’re now getting fabulous leads across Europe, which is the icing on the cake.”

David Gibson, VP of Strategy and Market Development - Varonis