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To change the company name from CertiVox to MIRACL by establishing the new name as a recognized company through high-volumes of media coverage and build up a brand image in the press. The aim was also to promote the fantastic case studies they had as well as to build a profile for MIRACL’s CEO as a key spokesperson in the media, in the in the run-up to its next funding round with investors. They also wanted us to promote some of their important partnerships including the work to provide multi-factor authentication to the Gov.UK Verify portal. To meet the goals we ran a consumer survey examining attitudes to personal security online during the tax return season.

Using the results from the consumer survey as well as capitalising on rapid response opportunities on TV, radio and national newspapers, in two short months MIRACL had become an established brand with journalists contacting us for their comments! In one month alone Eskenzi secured 230 pieces of coverage for MIRACL, including two national BBC interviews, and articles in the Guardian, Daily Mirror and Metro. This considerable volume of coverage helped to establish the company under their new brand name in a very short space of time, and also helped to promote MIRACL’s CEO as a key spokesperson in the media as well as keeping their investors happy!

“We have very ambitious goals and set objectives. It’s been very exciting working with Eskenzi as they are so well connected and highly regarded by not only the IT security press but by the crème de la crème of the UK press – so whatever story we comment on or deliver they always get published. I’ve worked with agencies in the past and these guys are a breed of their own, they’re on fire - delivering time and time again!”

Peter Scanlon, CMO - MIRACL