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As a client for seven years, the PR objectives for Imperva have continuously changed to meet the changing needs of both the customers and the business. Initially it was to build up their brand name in the UK. However, soon Imperva was using Eskenzi to promote them across Europe especially with the acquisition of Incapsula and Skyfence which meant their messaging needed to change and go up a notch.

Thanks to a great European team getting unbelievable results, Eskenzi now works for Imperva in the USA and the busy internal PR team manage one central team – so together Imperva and Eskenzi continue to get exceptional results on both sides of the Atlantic. As a result, Imperva is one of the top most successful quoted cyber-security companies in the world – courted daily by the press on all issues around cyber-security.

"Imperva has been working with Eskenzi for several years now. Time and again they have proven their ability to plan and deliver on our PR needs. I find the team extremely dedicated and professional and go way beyond the call of duty to get our research and thought leadership out there. I consider them a key part of our PR team.”

Winifred Shum, PR Director – Imperva