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Back in 2010, having seen the great job Eskenzi did for a competitor, Lieberman Software’s CEO had been chomping at the bit to work with Eskenzi. So when the opportunity arose, he quickly accepted to work with us within 15 minutes of receiving our offer. Since then, Eskenzi and Lieberman Software have happily grown and developed together.
Lieberman Software’s latest PR objectives have been to position the company as a cyber security leader and raise the profile of the brand through producing thought-leadership content such as articles, research, news and announcements. Additionally, the company wanted to build the profiles of its key security experts, having managed to do the same for the CEO and founder some years before.

Without fail, Eskenzi has continuously come up with original and creative ideas for research and articles suitable for Lieberman Software and created exciting new content for the company.
Additionally, Lieberman Software’s VP of product strategy, who joined the company less than a year ago, has been quoted in key technology publications such as SC Magazine and the Register on a weekly basis, as well as national publications when a big security story breaks. After just a few months at the company, Eskenzi has raised his public profile so much so that journalists not only use his comments but they now seek the his expertise directly.

“Eskenzi is a real pleasure to work with, our weekly catch-up calls are quick and straight to the point, they don’t try to wow you with pr and marketing jargon like so many agencies out there, which is truly refreshing – and they always over-deliver. Yvonne Eskenzi is the creative genius behind the agency, always adding interesting ideas to our discussions each week, which result in great content.”

Kevin Franks, Marketing Communications Manager – Lieberman Software