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Long term client HPE Security – Data Security (previously Voltage Security) first approached Eskenzi in 2013 to do their PR in both the UK and the US. As an established security company, they were looking to extend their thought leadership activity and position themselves as the leading data encryption and tokenisation IT security company. With HPE Security – Data Security attending conferences such as RSA and Infosecurity Europe, they were looking to make the most of surveys off the stand to further their research and position as market leaders. They were also looking to boost the profiles of their key spokespeople through news opportunities, key interviews and article opportunities.

Since becoming an Eskenzi client in 2013, HPE Security – Data Security has seen their company profile raised considerably, along with that of the key spokespeople. HPE Security – Data Security averages 750 pieces of coverage per year across the US and the UK, including tier-one publications such as ABC News, USA Today, The Times and Channel 4 News, as well as niche coverage in relevant security publications. As HPE Security - Data Security started to achieve their goal of becoming go-to data security experts, they asked Eskenzi to increase their subject matter expertise to include addressing PCI and PII security, data encryption, cloud security, and the recent rise of IoT device data security. In fact, the profile of then Voltage Security became so well regarded that in 2015 they were acquired by Hewlett Packard Enterprises to strengthen their information security and encryption business.

“For us, the proof is in the numbers. The Eskenzi team both in the UK and the US consistently get us high quality coverage that puts HPE Security in the spotlight, and positions us as the leader within the encryption and tokenisation market place. They are professional in everything they do and their enthusiasm is infectious. We love working with them in both the US and the UK as the teams are always in sync and are pulling in the same direction.”

Cynthia Leonard, Marketing Program Manager - HPE Security - Data Security