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Eskenzi was recruited to help build AlienVault’s brand in the UK and to promote its fantastic management team and researchers by making the company a household name in the IT security arena. With the pedigree of leadership, CEO Barmak Meftah and CTO Roger Thornton and researchers, led by Jaime Blasco, chief scientist, Eskenzi’s task wasn’t difficult as AlienVault was soon unveiling pretty monumental discoveries such as uncovering the Sony hackers, immediately gaining them notoriety with the media.

When research isn’t available, Eskenzi works hard to get appropriate rapid responses for AlienVault to comment on, plus articles and most importantly, interesting, fun, informative surveys that are guaranteed to make the nationals and other tier one technical press. After five years of working with the team, AlienVault is hugely popular with the press, regularly being asked to comment on stories as they break. It’s not unusual to see AlienVault on Al Jazeera or the BBC, as well as being regular contributors to SC, Infosecurity, The Register, The Daily Mail and The Times!

“Eskenzi’s creative input is extremely impressive; they are never short of ideas for new surveys and articles and have always been very proactive in repurposing and creating new content. We are now regularly mentioned in the UK technology press with the additional bonus of national publications such as the Daily Mail and BBC!”

Susan Torrey, VP, Corporate Communications – AlienVault