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NuData Security first approached Eskenzi as a fairly young company with an innovative solution, wishing to establish a larger presence in the UK and beyond their current North American market. Although they already had four of the largest e-commerce and a couple of the largest FIs companies globally as clients, they wished to expand their profile, particularly outside of North America, as the leading behavioural biometrics solution for cybersecurity and authentication. With a new take on security that was not yet prevalent within the industry, NuData Security sought to position themselves as the leading provider of good user verification to protect organisations’ online properties, and establish their experts as some of the top spokespeople within the cybersecurity field, in particular relation to banking and e-commerce.

Less than a year after first joining Eskenzi PR, NuData Security has seen their coverage within the UK Nationals and top-tiered security and technology publications soar. Within the first 6 months they achieved over 100 pieces of coverage, including The Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Observer and the BBC. They have also seen several of their thought leadership articles featured in leading publications such as TechWeek Europe, Computer Scotland and ITPro Portal, helping to position their key spokespeople as leaders within the biometrics field. NuData Security has also had the opportunity to brief over six different analysts, extending their reach across the UK security market.

“Our decision to choose Eskenzi as our UK based PR agency has been 100% justified. We are now getting consistent, quality coverage, from both our own thought leadership pieces, as well as news comments. The team is always quick to respond to the latest breaking news, ensuring that we have an opportunity to comment on any news within the banking, e-commerce and cybersecurity fields. Through their numerous contacts we have been able to brief high level analysts and journalists alike, and seen the reputation of our brand within the UK soar – all within the first 12 months!”

Lisa Baergen, Marketing Director - NuData Security