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Proofpoint came to Eskenzi with the objective of raising their profile within Europe. They had been working with a PR agency in Europe; however they were not seeing the results they were after. Eskenzi was brought on in June 2014 with the goal of increasing Proofpoint’s overall share of voice and to help raise brand awareness.

Eskenzi has now been working for Proofpoint for almost two years and they are one of the biggest names in the security industry. Proofpoint receives hundreds of cuttings each month in Europe in the leading technology and national publications. Eskenzi UK heads up the PR team in Europe which simplifies the process for Proofpoint in the US and means they only need to have one call each week, rather than three.

“I have been absolutely amazed with the media results. Eskenzi delivered from the moment we started our relationship and continues to exceed our expectations. The Eskenzi team that manages our PR in EMEA is a group of exceptional professionals that has been pivotal in establishing our brand and credibility in the marketplace. The benefit of working with Eskenzi is the quality of thinking, specialized services and unwavering dedication we receive from each member of the team.”
Roger Knott, Director, Global Corporate Communications - Proofpoint