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Tripwire is one of the biggest security names in the business and they came to Eskenzi in 2012 with the objective of increasing their brand awareness in the UK. Tripwire wanted to achieve a consistent, strategic coverage in key business, technology and vertical publications.

Tripwire is one of Eskenzi’s flagship clients and we have helped increase their brand awareness in the UK year over year. Tripwire’s partnership with Eskenzi expanded to include US PR. Together Eskenzi and Tripwire achieve over a thousand press cuttings each month in leading technology, business, national and vertical press in both the UK and the USA.

“I have worked with and for a number of PR agencies in the past so I know what good PR looks like and how much effort is required to consistently achieve it. We work with an excellent team of dynamic, knowledgeable professionals at Eskenzi that consistently deliver coverage in the publications that matter most to our business.”

Shelley Boose, Vice President of Public Relations - Tripwire