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At the beginning of September, Eskenzi partnered up with cyber security start-up, Redscan, for a three month contract to build up momentum in the media.

As Eskenzi specialises in cyber security, we know all the journalists and media opportunities in the industry inside out, so we were easily able to secure coverage from day one. In particular, we found that rapid responses on breaking stories worked well with this client as they were quick to respond and knew how to write snappy, insightful commentary which journalists can use as sound-bites.

At the end of the three month contract Eskenzi achieved 89 pieces of coverage for them, resulting in an estimated reach of 433,949,721. This included: 13 Hits in 8 different national publications such as
the Times, Telegraph and Yahoo. 26 Hits in 10 different key trade publications such as The Register, SC Magazine,Computer Weekly and Computer Business Review. 6 media interviews offered with Reuters, ITV (x2), Associated Press and SC Magazine (x2).

We also had great success with article placements, getting Redscan thought leadership right into the heart of the publications that their customers read, including the finance vertical that they were looking to target; Huffington Post, Finance Digest, Information Age and IT Pro Portal.

“We have had a very positive experience of working with Eskenzi. They have pushed numerous opportunities our way to have our experts quoted in publications ranging from the Telegraph, to the Daily Mail, to numerous IT specific news sites. Eskenzi are proactive and ahead of the curve when it comes to notifying us of any breaking stories.”

Mike Fenton, CEO - Redscan