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Meet Eskenzi PR at Infosecurity to find out how we can help you get into the headlines EVERYDAY!

By May 26, 2016No Comments

After being the previous PR agency for Infosecurity for 17 years, it feels like our second home, especially now it’s back at Olympia. This year we have 12 clients at the show, with a total of 80 interviews so far.  We host the Infosecurity press lunch at the Chesterfield Pub for 20 or so journalists who use the opportunity to get away from the razzmatazz and chaos of the show to relax over a proper lunch and interview our clients.  On average our clients get around 7 press interviews at the show as well as a number of press hits before the show – which we think is vital to bringing the visitors onto their  stand.  Our clients rarely finish a month without being mentioned at least 20 times in the press!  Do your current PR agency achieve that sort of level of PR for you?

If not why not take the opportunity of meeting Yvonne and Neil our founders at Infosecurity to find out how we could help you with PR, CISO meetings, analyst briefings and building your presence across Europe and into the US.  We not only have offices in London, Paris and Munich but have two offices now in the US one on the East Coast and the other in Berkley, San Francisco.  If you’d like to be one of the most quoted names in the cybersecurity industry you can be with the right PR agency behind you – call us on 0207 1832 832 to make an appointment or email