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Eskenzi clients feature in every national story on Dyn DDoS attack

By October 24, 2016December 1st, 2023No Comments

Unless you’ve been hiding from the internet over the weekend, chances are you’ll have heard about the extraordinary DDoS attack on DNS provider Dyn which took down major websites including Twitter, Reddit, Amazon, Spotify and AirBnB. The story broke on a Friday afternoon (as these stories always seem to) and it was all systems go in the Eskenzi office, firing the story off to our clients, hungry for any extra information, opinion and insight that they could give.

A story of this magnitude is relevant for all of our clients which means that we have to get good content from each of them individually, we also want to make sure they all work well together. Asking them all different questions, finding each of their research on DDoS and working with them all in different time zones means we could get different content pitched from each client, which got some fantastic results:

The story continues to develop and the problem isn’t going away any time soon so we’re keeping our eyes peeled on the story on behalf of our clients.