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Brand Building for a Successful Exit - The Ultimate Guide for Cybersecurity Companies

How to get in front of business press and industry analysts on your journey to IPO or acquisition, featuring insights from CNBC and IT-Harvest

For cybersecurity companies, an IPO or acquisition is the ultimate goal. Despite a market slowdown in 2023, the industry still attracted $10.05 billion in funding over the past year. Renowned analyst, author, and creator of The Analyst Dashboard, Richard Stiennon, highlighted that this level of investment is “phenomenal compared to the past 25 years of cybersecurity.” With dozens of vendors poised for IPOs and waiting for market conditions to improve, there’s optimism that 2024 will see a resurgence.

For companies aiming for an exit, a robust communications program that supports their growth ambitions is crucial. Effective PR campaigns should align with the company’s vision for the next year, five years, and even ten years, ensuring they meet both long-term and short-term goals. But how exactly can communications support your path to exit? How can you best pitch and engage the press and analysts? And what makes them want to cover a company?

To answer these questions, Eskenzi PR collaborated with two leading authorities in the field: Ryan Browne, Tech Correspondent at CNBC, and Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst and Founder of IT-Harvest. Together, we’ve produced the ultimate guide to successful cybersecurity communications for an eventual exit. While communications in the months before an IPO are driven by investor relations and legal teams, this whitepaper focuses on how cybersecurity companies can engage the press and analysts years before they exit, building media coverage, momentum, and mindshare.

Key takeaways from the whitepaper include:

  1. Strategic PR Planning: Align your communications strategy with the company’s long-term vision to support growth ambitions and exit plans.
  2. Effective Engagement: Learn the best practices for pitching and engaging with press and analysts to secure coverage.
  3. Building Momentum: Understand how to build sustained media coverage and mindshare leading up to an eventual exit.

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