Case Study

EMEA launch and Trans-Atlantic impact – Centripetal

The Challenge

Intelligence-powered  cybersecurity specialist Centripetal wanted to expand its visibility in its home market of the US and break into new territory in Europe.

Central to building the company’s brand in the European market was the media launch of Centripetal’s first overseas office, with the promotion of a physical office launch event in Galway, Ireland. As this was the first office located outside of the US and marked Centripetal’s official ‘coming out party’ in EMEA, the team were understandably keen to ensure this was a success. But with no presence in the region previously, and in the absence of a strong news hook, messaging was key.

Global campaign, global impact

Eskenzi rose to the challenge. With office openings themselves generating limited media interest, we created a hook for press highlighting how the move was a boon to the local economy in Galway and the jobs that would be created.

This angle resonated with local media and ensured the office launch was a resounding success, with Eskenzi securing multiple pre-launch in-person interviews with mainstream media and national hits such as RTE and the Irish Times.

In parallel, Eskenzi built a thought leadership platform for the company, offering informed commentary on breaking industry news, and highlighting how intelligence can be harnessed to mitigate cyber risk. This approach appealed to the market and the media alike – for example, Centripetal’s commentary on the MGM hack resulted in two leads from major casinos.

To ensure a steady stream of proactive ideas, Eskenzi leveraged Centripetal’s presence at major trade shows to conduct industry research, devising a campaign focused on how much personal time people had lost to cybersecurity. This narrative enabled Eskenzi to create a strong human interest and angle and align with major themes around burnout and retention, while speaking to the need for Centripetal’s solution.

This powerful combination of differentiated data, thought leadership commentary and strong news hooks amplified visibility for Centripetal.
In the space of a year, the company achieved coverage in outlets with a total reach of 254 million, building the firm’s brand on a global scale and solidifying its presence in the European market.