Case Study

Eskenzi PR Restoring Faith In PR – KnowBe4

The Challenge

KnowBe4’s PR team wanted to drive visibility and awareness of the company to support its path to exit. However, they had become disillusioned with PR agencies, as previous partnerships had not garnered the results they had hoped. It was up to Eskenzi to restore their faith in PR and deliver the results they wanted. Eskenzi’s objective was simple: to secure coverage, coverage, and more coverage!

The Solution

KnowBe4 had their ducks in a row. They had the content. They had the spokespeople (covering every possible timezone). They had the customers. They had the story. It was a beast ready to be unleashed to the world and Eskenzi had the industry connections to make this work.

Eskenzi hit the ground running and generated 44 pieces of coverage in the first three weeks of working with KnowBe4. We quickly built a thought leadership platform for the company by commenting on breaking news, while simultaneously levering KnowBe4’s research and content to drive media engagement.

That initial success laid the foundations for a successful partnership, with Eskenzi’s brief quickly expanding to cover the US alongside the UK.


The relationship has continued to grow from strength to strength. By the end of 2019, KnowBe4 had 320 pieces of coverage in the UK, and 157 in the US. At the end of 2022, KnowBe4 achieved 555 pieces in the UK and 680 in the US – averaging over 102 quality pieces of coverage per month, and demonstrating how momentum has been built year-on-year.​

Our work has encompassed everything from traditional PR, resulting in KnowBe4 regularly being quoted in the likes of The BBC, Forbes, and Dark Reading, as well as creative campaign peaks including a Netflix-style TV Series premiere at Leicester Square in London and a Guinness World Record!

“"Eskenzi PR is our “golden standard” that we measure all our other agencies against - they get PR and deliver results day in and day out, in fact, exceeding all our expectations. They blow us away with their results and of course their creativity. We’re working with them internationally in the UK and US and they have renewed our faith in PR agencies."”