Case Study

From Last to First in Share of Voice – Comforte AG’s PR success story

Building awareness from the ground up

Data security specialist comforte AG sought to increase its visibility in two core markets: The UK and The US. But with minimal brand awareness in either region, Eskenzi PR needed to build a communications programme from the ground up. Compounding the challenge was the fact that comforte AG was headquartered in Germany, making it harder to get cut through with outlets preferring to feature local companies.

Eskenzi PR began the campaign by measuring comforte AG’s Share of Voice (SoV) over its key competitors, enabling us to establish clear benchmarks that could be used to evaluate success. The team got to work right away, creating a comprehensive thought leadership programme that leveraged insights from comforte AG spokespeople covering key timezones in Europe and America, achieving instant results.

Thought leadership to supercharge visibility

By launching a multi-pronged PR attack, comforte AG began to be regularly featured in tier-one national, business, and trade media. Central to this strategy was the development of thought leadership platforms for multiple spokespeople, increasing the breadth of topics the company could comment on and enabling comforte AG to gain momentum via rapid response. In parallel, Eskenzi secured interviews with top-tier outlets including the Wall Street Journal, by offering informed commentary on threats and breaches. As a result, comforte AG featured in publications with a huge potential reach of 76,000,000 in the first year alone.

The campaign ensured comforte AG’s SoV against its four competitors jumped to 31% in the first year, compared to just 10% in the year previously –  an increase of 21% since the partnership with Eskenzi began.


Since working together, comforte AG has achieved a number of standout coverage hits including a BBC interview, national coverage including MailOnline, The Sun, LifeWire (US), Metro, and The Times, as well as wall-to-wall coverage in trade publications on both sides of the Atlantic. As a result, comforte leads its competitors in terms of SOV, demonstrating how compelling thought leadership can be leveraged to gain significant ground.