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As the lyrics of a well known song suggest, “Come on, come on, let’s work together”

By May 17, 2010April 1st, 2019No Comments

Navigating Westminster’s Recently Unchartered Waters

So, we finally have a new Prime Minster and, some may say, an unexpected Deputy Prime Minister but what can we learn from the last week? Not a lot, I would be inclined to respond. At the end of the day, what they have FINALLY done, is put aside their differences, reached a compromise and agreed to work together for the greater good. Isn’t that what happens in successful businesses every day?

Within the organisation you have various factions all trying to get the job done the best way possible. Yet, similarly to the three parties involved in the recent power struggle, each group has a different perspective often causing conflict and potential resentment. A very basic overview would be thus :

In the red corner you have the ‘users’ who just want to get the job done and to do so they need access to data, the ability to manipulate records and the facility to share this information with others.

In the blue corner you have management, incorporating the security team, who don’t want users to touch anything that’s in a structured format in case they ‘mess it up’.

Caught in the middle, now where’s my orange crayon – you have the relatively small IT team who are often wrongly blamed as the weak link in the outfit as they’re role is to understand everyone’s pain and try to make it go away.

Where I think Westminster should be looking, whilst navigating these un-chartered waters, is to those organisations who have managed to bring these three factions together, for the greater good, and working alongside one another in peace and harmony delivering secure systems that enable business to function.

Fingers crossed they don’t opt for the alternative – complete anarchy that sees users running a mock and violating data all over the place; triggering alarm bells that cause swat teams to descend after the fires are well and truly raging; while one, two or five people run around with buckets shouting for every one to remain calm.