Eskenzi is a Queen’s Award-winning tech PR agency dedicated to CyberSecurity, Blockchain and AI.

Eskenzi is a tech pr agency renowned for its industry knowledge in cybersecurity and close ties with the CISO and security community.

We pride ourselves on creating globally recognised names in Cyber by producing the very best content in the industry that’s original, intelligent and creative that we know the press and influencers will love.

With brave and bold creative ideas, Eskenzi takes clients ‘UP and to the RIGHT’, supported by fast-moving PR and marketing campaigns.

A Few Facts

Our clients consist of some of the biggest public quoted security companies to the most innovative start-ups.

Have 25 staff globally not just doing PR but digital marketing, lead generation and analyst relations

Won the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise for outstanding achievement for overseas trade.

We’ve successfully taken 25 clients through an IPO and built up 19 companies for acquisition worth over $16bn.  Recently AlienVault have been acquired by AT&T, closely followed by Imperva who were acquired for $2.1bn, followed by Cylance for $1.4 (who we worked with under the Smile on Fridays brand). Happy days:)

Each client gets an average of 12 pieces of tier one coverage a month – some get 350 (seriously!!)

Did you know we have a sister company called Smile on Fridays for competitive clients?


Eskenzi is a Queen’s Award-winning tech PR agency dedicated to Cybersecurity, Blockchain and AI.

Eskenzi’s heart firmly beats from its London HQ and into five other regions.

The agency also boasts EMEA offices in France and Germany, plus staff follow the award winning PR formula on both East and West coasts of America and across APAC giving our clients 24 hour cover enabling them to have the upper hand as and when stories break.  Most importantly Eskenzi’s international teams work seamlessly together to take the pain out of managing multiple, dispersed agencies.

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Although Eskenzi is a PR agency, our skills don’t just stop there.

There are many elements to a successful communications campaign, and we can help you with the following:

Public Relations

  • Event management
  • Media and analyst relations
  • Research, surveys and reports
  • Crisis management
  • Media training


  • Competitor analysis
  • Customer stories
  • Campaigns
  • Messaging
  • Copywriting


  • Social media
  • Content creation
  • Build online presence
  • SEO
  • Website audit

We’d be delighted to discuss your marketing and communications requirements with you in more detail and we’re always happy to have a chat, so please get in touch!

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