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When is the right time to make an announcement?

By September 24, 2012January 9th, 2019No Comments

From our experience, here at Eskenzi we believe that it’s better to send out stories when they have the best possible chance of getting covered – which doesn’t always mean following the crowd. We believe there are three factors that you should consider when deciding to send out an announcement:

  1. Time of year
  2. Events
  3. Time of Day

Time of Year

It is a common theory that summer months, Christmas holidays and bank holidays are all times when we shouldn’t send out big announcements as no one will be around to cover the story. On the contrary, here at Eskenzi, we believe that if planned well, the opposite is true and you will get more coverage as you will not need to “shout the loudest” to be heard. News does not stop for anyone – so journalists and publications still need to fulfil their roles no matter what time of year it is. If you are helping them fill their quiet time – it’s a win-win situation.


Whether you are attending Infosecurity Europe, Gartner or any other relevant event, don’t be fooled into thinking that you must release your news on the first day of the show. Speaking to many journalists, they feel that this actually leads to good stories not being covered as they get hidden underneath the pile of the other 300 companies wanting to tell their stories too. A better approach is to release your story a week or two before the event. This way, press have time to look at your story and write about it, and the coverage obtained will help get people to your stand – after all isn’t that why you are at the show?

Time of Day

There are many factors that go into deciding what time to send out a release, especially if it is a global story. Ideally, the time you send it should be morning for as many countries as possible. Journalists tend to know which story they are writing about early in the morning and like to have most written by 10am. If you are trying to get coverage with the nationals, then you definitely need to send it to them under embargo with a time of midnight so that they can go to print with the story.