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Eskenzi PR has moved!

By May 15, 2013January 9th, 2019No Comments

We had our moving in party last week before the desks, computers and phones were installed.  Neil and I cut a ribbon to mark the moment and we ate and celebrated with all of our local family and friends. It would have been lovely to have had our clients, but sadly they are all in the US or Israel so we were clientless but most of our mates and close work mates turned up to celebrate with us – the pictures below will show you just how the office was looking before we made it a mess with all the computers.

However, today we’re officially now in our new London HQ and we’re loving it.  I think Neil and I both had a few butterflies coming to work for the first time, after working 17 years from our lovely home office.  Amazingly, the computers are working, the phones are kind of working (although not allowing us to make international calls), the sunlight is streaming through the windows and we’re raring to go.  Okay so I may have been a bit too zealous when I was worrying about the lack of light – we’ve now got so much light that we’re wearing sunglasses and I’ve just ordered anti-glare, anti-heat window film.  The challenge is that it’s so high up that we can’t reach the rooflights!  So if there is anyone out there who is prepared to go up a very long ladder and knows how to put anti-glare film onto windows without crinkling it, then you’ve got yourself a job!

The area we’re in is actually quite cool – it’s full of artists, film producers, writers, photographers, furniture designers – our next door neighbours are designers of fetish clothing – so we really are surrounded by some very interesting and colourful characters.  The one glitch is we’re surrounded by big, burly, body-builders as we’re opposite a very large body-building gym.  Now you would think this is quite nice to watch the bodybuilders walk past our offices a bit like the Coca Cola advert, but they’re actually quite scary.  I was told by a tenant that one of them got annoyed with someone parking in his space, he picked up their car and shunted into a brick wall.  So we’re keeping our heads down and just smiling nicely to everyone who walks past.

As for the chandeliers we haven’t yet finished putting them all up – we’ve got to buy one for our entrance and one for outside the toilet, I then think we’re done!  The chandeliers look amazing and have really made this space, we’ve got 5 which just look so incredible against the LED disco lights and sandblasted brick pillars and really cool pieces of art.

Plenty of spare desks if anyone wants to moonlight from here!

Now I’ve got to stop myself looking for the next building to convert.