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Eskenzi PR has moved into new London HQ

By July 19, 2013January 30th, 2019No Comments

I guess at some point every company has to bite the bullet and make that big decision about moving into larger premises.

And now we’ve done it – 5 months of renovation, thousands of pounds over budget and a little later than expected, we’re here in our very own renovated 1890’s warehouse.  In fact, we’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous – from 600 sq ft to 2,700sq ft!  So now there is space for 25 people – talk about shouting from the rafters – we really do have them and yes we need to!



So we’re now happily settled on a small industrial estate that used to be the biggest false teeth manufacturing plant in Europe in the late 1800s – weird that they had false teeth all that time ago, and interestingly the workers started what is now known as Underhill Barnet football club.  It’s now mostly a  small artist and media enclave surrounded by photographers, film writers, furniture designers, web designers and of course, Europe’s only IT security PR agency – although I don’t think we’ll be getting many takers in the guys around here for our services!

We’ve lovingly restored the building adding our own quirky touches, with huge pink lipstick kisses on our board room windows, purple and pink chandeliers, a massive glass roof and a zebra head mixed in amongst the lovely pictures.  So if you’re driving round the M25 and fancy a break, then pull off on Jnt 21 at the South Mimms turnoff and  we’re just 3 minutes from there in Barnet–  come and see us.