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See you at Black Hat and then Les Assises

By July 19, 2013January 30th, 2019No Comments

If you happen to be brave enough to venture to Vegas in 40 degree heat, then you’re probably as nuts as us!  Neil and Yvonne will be leaving the heat wave in the UK to join the heat-wave at Black Hat.  Actually, it’s a great show and one we really can’t miss – it’s a bit like Infosec on steroids – a crazy place to be, but great fun to visit and incredibly interesting.  We like it because the exhibition is small enough to get round in a day and the visitors are proper techie guys  – plus most of our clients are there having a ball and we can’t miss out on the fun, feast and entertainment!

‎Our next favourite show of the year has got to be Les Assises in Monte Carlo – okay, so life is tough but someone has to visit this show – joking apart this is probably one of the best IT security shows in Europe and is where you need to be a CISO or CIO.  If you want to do business in France, or Europe for that matter – we’d recommend you try and get tickets.