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Eskenzi hosts European Cyber-Security Blogger’s Awards – What fun!

By August 6, 2018April 1st, 2019No Comments

European Cyber-Security Blogger’s Awards

Jenny Radcliffe – the human lie detector and great friend quoted us in her podcast last week as the company that throws the best parties!!

It’s true we love to hold a party, so when we were asked to host the European Cyber-Security Blogger’s Awards during Infosecurity this year we jumped at the opportunity.  It turned into a crazy, fun-filled, drink fest as people rolled out of the first day of Infosecurity straight into the pub where we were hosting the awards.

There were over 10 awards given to everyone from Troy Hunt, Javvad Malik, Smashing Security, Gossi the Dog and others!  We got the legendary Jack Daniel and Brian Honan who organised most of the awards on stage and basically had a laugh – or should I say a piss up in a brewery!  I’m not sure why we agreed to do the Awards as we also had on that day a press lunch for all our clients and arranged almost 115 press interviews – what were we thinking!  However, it all turned out okay in the end, like I said we love to hold a good party – so if you’d like to get involved next year in the Bloggers awards either nominating the blog you love or get involved as a sponsor we’d love to hear from you.