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The changing nature of PR for the cybersecurity industry

By August 30, 2018January 29th, 2019No Comments

By Conor Heslin, Senior Account Executive at Eskenzi PR


For years, the PR industry remained largely unchanged. Social media has now moved the goalposts for brands hoping to bolster awareness.

The challenge for PR


In decades gone by, PR was a much more regimented industry. Agencies and PR departments would send out press releases by post to news organisations in the hope that they would find the subject sufficiently interesting to cover. They would chase journalists on the phone, schmooze them over lunch and build relationships the old-fashioned way; face to face. The advent of the Internet and emails changed all of that. Gone were the days of sending out releases in the post, and a new era of instant communication with journalists (and people in general) began. While this changed the tools we use, the aim of PR remained the same – get the journalist’s attention and get the client coverage in the (now-expanded) media.

This all changed in Mark Zuckerberg’s student dorm in Harvard. When Facebook spearheaded the social media revolution, the PR industry was caught at a crossroads. How could they react to the changing media landscape, when the traditional gatekeepers of news (print, broadcast and traditional online mediums) had lost their monopoly, and were now competing with the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. It was in this more crowded marketplace where the PR industry now had to operate, and it is still in the process of figuring out how to do so effectively.

The challenge for cybersecurity


Much like the PR industry, cybersecurity companies are also figuring out how to get ahead in a hugely saturated market. As use of the Internet exploded, and data of all kinds became central to a functioning economy, the cybersecurity market swelled to an unprecedented size, and continues to swell. Spending on information security reached $75 million in 2015, and is reported to reach $170 billion by 2020. This means there are more companies competing for customers on the market than ever before: More reports, more whitepapers, more blogs and more research, all fighting to be heard. How can an up-and-coming cybersecurity company ensure that their voice cuts above the noise?

The solution: Eskenzi Digital

eskenzi digital

Since our inception 23 years ago, Eskenzi PR has prided itself on creating dynamic, creative content for traditional PR campaigns. Contributed articles, blogs and other forms of thought leadership have always been a part of how we bring our client’s stories to the forefront of the industry. It is this degree that has set us apart; content when done badly for traditional PR campaigns ends up lost in the noise, and the same can be said for social content.

Eskenzi’s recently launched Eskenzi Digital initiative aims to help cybersecurity companies cut through the noise. By offering a comprehensive programme of unique, engaging shareable social content, Eskenzi Digital can help emerging and established cybersecurity companies to bolster their social media presence and allowing you to engage with potential customers away from traditional media routes. Podcasts, videos, infographics and blogs can really help to build a brand’s presence online, creating a wealth of instantly recognisable creative content to go alongside traditional marketing and PR strategies. It’s a much noisier world out there these days, but we hope we can help you to be the loudest voice!

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