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The Eskenzi Digital Kingmaker and SEO Programme!

By December 4, 2019October 19th, 2020No Comments

To continue to rise above the noise, we know we need to help our clients to spread their message and engage with their target audiences by pioneering new technologies and optimising new media channels. Therefore, to stay ahead of the curve, we’re now offering a variety of tailored digital services that do just this. If you need that extra bit of inspiration and creativity to increase your media exposure, continue reading below!

Digital Kingmaker Programme:

The goal of this programme is to create thought leaders in their respective fields of expertise, so that their customers, the press and other stakeholders turn to them first for insight, information and opinion.

This programme will:

  • Develop a coherent online presence across all social media platforms
  • Create sharable, unique and engaging content that projects you company’s persona
  • Build company profiles and personalities through blogs, videos and podcasts
  • Grow your online followers and customer engagement
  • Make you THE company that attracts the best talent out there
  • Generate clear monthly reporting showing you the value of the Kingmaker Programme

COST – £4,000 per month

Professional Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

We know offer an SEO strategy, which will maximise your organic search positions on Google, Bing and Yahoo, and increase the traffic to your site.

This programme will offer:

  • SEO expert who will review your digital marketing and build a clear SEO strategy
  • Trusted external ‘white hat’ SEO team who will become an important part of your marketing strategy
  • Increased ‘organic searches’ on Google and much higher higher click-through rate (CTR)
  • Sustainable and long-lasting results which are not subject to Google’s algorithm updates

COST – £1,250 per month