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10 year challenge, and our challenge for the next 10 years

By February 3, 2020December 8th, 2020No Comments


IT Security Guru

As we enter 2020 we begin the preparation for the 10th birthday of the IT Security Guru. One need look no further than the #10yearchallenge, and the familiar sight of our old site, to see just how far we have come. The IT Security Guru is proudly situated as an institution in the IT industry. Founded a decade ago, the IT Security Guru is designed to deliver the most important cybersecurity stories daily on one easily accessible platform. Over the course of the past decade, the IT Security Guru has gone through serious transition periods, finding its voice, its following and an affectionate nickname: The Guru.

One of the key factors contributing to the success of The Guru has been Twitter. When The Guru was founded Twitter had a relatively small user group of only 50 million. Now it is more than six times the size, with almost 350 million users! During the expansion of Twitter, and social media in general, the IT Security Guru Twitter account (@IT_SecGuru) has established itself as a key player in the cybersecurity and IT community online. Gaining more than 1,000 new followers in the past month alone, The Guru now boasts more than 15.2K followers who all share the distinct privilege of receiving the latest breaking news from the cybersecurity industry.

The goal of The Guru over the next decade is to build on the success of its first ten years in operation. We now have dedicated staff of five journalists and social media experts, all trained in SEO, devoted to delivering exclusive insights and the latest news. Our mission is to turn the IT Security Guru into the world’s leading cybersecurity community, and judging by the success of the past 10 years, this is certainly an achievable objective.

To achieve this goal, we have several new services to offer going forward into 2020 and beyond. Following the Guru’s recent renovation, we are now offering a paid advertising service across several lucrative locations on both the homepage and articles. This affordable digital real-estate will be available only to the most prestigious companies in the industry and will be seen by over 20,000 industry professionals per month. We are now offering independent product reviews by Dave Mitchell, a thorough expert with years of experience in the industry. Reviews will be available on The Guru for up to a year. Plenty of time for industry-leading decision-makers to see your value offering. Finally, we’re looking to introduce a fiction section on the site, starting with a Hacker Tales serices. This will give The Guru the unique distinction of being one of the only IT security sites that informs and entertains its readers.

While our core ethos of passion, creativity and delivering a streamlined news service has not changed, the way that we achieve it has. We have always been on the front foot of the technological mediascape, utilising each and every new affordance to provide the best service possible to our readers, all from one platform. This is not going to change over the coming decade as we begin to break ground on new services for our partners and readers over the coming years.

If you would like more information on partnerships with The Guru, stay tuned for our forthcoming media pack. Our aim for the next decade is to grow on our previous success; making gurus out of everyone.