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Altogether now – join in the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards 2022

By July 21, 2022No Comments

At Eskenzi, one of the things that we’re incredibly passionate about is making connections and helping to bring the cybersecurity community together. It’s for this reason we’ve organised the Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards for the past seven years consistently (without even breaking for COVID!) It’s become one of the best events on our calendars certainly – and hopefully for many others within the industry as well. Here are a few reasons why we think it’s so great and why anyone reading this should think about getting involved, either through sponsoring a category or by nominating your favourite cybersecurity heroes: 


It’s all about people: Forget the boring, pay-to-play, listen to how great my new security product with AI, ML, hyper-connected, next-gen, blah, blah is – this is about real people. These are the folks who have contributed to the industry for over 25 years, founding the ISO 27000 standard, or creating not-for-profits to get girls into cyber, or served in the MoD for years keeping our country safe, or have dedicated their careers to teaching. The security teams who go above and beyond to tackle security issues or spread awareness in their organisations; the rising stars who have a promising career in cybersecurity ahead of them. Let’s hear about these people – the ones who make our community so vibrant. You’ll find all these people and more at this event. 


You can nominate your mates, customers, colleagues, lecturers, people you read or listen to: Maybe you have a friend who works in cybersecurity, staying long hours, being constantly on call to sort issues; or a customer has implemented a noteworthy security programme or takes time to educate colleagues on security issues; or a colleague has been very supportive or diverted your company from disaster; or you’ve had a memorable computer science instructor; or you read some insightful news articles and listen to an informative podcast… Basically, if you know someone who goes above and beyond in the world of cybersecurity, we want to hear about it! The nomination process is simple and we only need a few bits of information, along with up to 500 words on why you believe the person is worthy of an award. Remember, the judges will go off of the most inspiring reads, so do put some time into it. 


It’s free: OK, so we all like free things – and this is completely free for those who are nominated and those that nominate to enter and attend. After all, if these are the people keeping our businesses safer, averting cybersecurity issues and educating the next generation of cyber talent, it’s the least we can do, right? And thanks to amazing sponsors like KnowBe4 and Qualys who support us every year in putting this event together, we can give a little something back to the industry! 


So, come on – don’t be shy – get involved, make some nominations and please do get in touch if you’d like to sponsor or be a part of this unique, fun and inspiring event!