Phil Lieberman – CEO and co-founder of Lieberman Software
Phil Lieberman | CEO and co-founder of Lieberman Software: “They are cracking good. The most outstanding agency we have ever had the pleasure to work with. In fact when Yvonne approached us after working with our competitor for 7 years it took us 10 minutes to respond, 9 of which was actually writing the email.”

Benny Czarny - OPSWAT
Benny Czarny | CEO and Founder, OPSWAT
“Eskenzi has been instrumental in helping us obtain coverage from top-tier news organizations such as the BBC, the Wall Street Journal and the Times, as well vertical-specific publications that are very closely aligned with our target customers. They have a great understanding of our business and are always willing to go the extra mile for us."

Bill Boyle - Datecenter Dynamics
Bill Boyle | Global Managing Editor - Datacenter Dynamics
Eskenzi is the undisputed number one IT security PR outfit. From the volcanic energy and enthusiasm for everything which comes from Yvonne Eskenzi to the deep knowledge and understanding of the security industry which Neil Stinchcombe brings to the table this organisation is outstanding. Outstanding results for their clients, outstanding advice for journalists and an outstanding young team. And they are a pleasure to deal with.

Dana Holway, Director of Corporate Communications, AppRiver
Dana Holway | Director of Corporate Communications - AppRiver: “Eskenzi is an idea factory that's filled with energetic PR professionals who shoot for the stars on behalf of their clients and get there with amazing frequency.”

David Gibson – VP Marketing – Varonis
David Gibson | VP Marketing – Varonis: “We originally used Eskenzi in the UK, this soon expanded to France, Germany and the US. We’re even using their marketing team for our European channel and field marketing activities.
The quality of press coverage has never been higher for Varonis and we are now getting qualified leads across Europe as well as great PR.”

John Dunn, Techworld
John Dunn | Editor and co-founder – Techworld (IDG): “Neil and Eskenzi prove that good PR is, after all, possible. If they phone you up it's because they have something to say. If you ask for response, you get it. And most important of all they build relationships for their security clients over years and not simply weeks. God knows how they do it. Their energy and drive amazes me. If I ran a security firm, I'd hire them."

JUST IN: Eskenzi No.2 Most Rated Agency by Journalists by PR Week
"They seem to be close to their clients and work extremely hard for them."

"Their work is exemplary"

Mark Van Elderen, Synopsys
Mark Van Elderen | Strategic Communications, Synopsys: “The Eskenzi team has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. They’re a small, nimble team that delivers results you would expect from a top global PR firm. The combination of their exceptional media relations and their expertise in the cybersecurity industry has made them an invaluable partner. Eskenzi has set the bar for our PR programs worldwide.”

Mike Fenton | CEO, Redscan
“We have had a very positive experience of working with Eskenzi. They have pushed numerous opportunities our way to have our experts quoted in publications ranging from the Telegraph, to the Daily Mail, to numerous IT specific news sites. Eskenzi are proactive and ahead of the curve when it comes to notifying us of any breaking stories.”

Mike Simons, Editor of Computerworld
Mike Simons | Editor of Computerworld:
"Eskenzi PR. Great people, efficient team. They deliver for me."

“We have very ambitious goals and set objectives. It’s been very exciting working with Eskenzi as they are so well connected and highly regarded by not only the IT security press but by the crème de la crème of the UK press – so whatever story we comment on or deliver they always get published. I’ve worked with agencies in the past and these guys are a breed of their own, they’re on fire - delivering time and time again!”
Peter Scanlon, CMO - MIRACL

Nicki Wallace - Alert Logic
Nicki Wallace | VP Marketing UK & EMEA - Alert Logic: Great team with strong relationships with key media influencers in the security space. Lots of fun, creative thinking and high impact results including national press – they have put Alert Logic on the UK map.

Ophelie Thenault, GlobalSign
Ophelie Thenault | EMEA Marketing Manager - GlobalSign: “We’ve had a great experience of working with Eskenzi PR on the French and German markets. It would have taken us years to build the relationships and the press network that they have in the country”

PR Week Award 2012
Most Rated 2012: Journalists say Yvonne Eskenzi, Founder & Director - "The matriarch of technology PR, what Yvonne doesn’t know about PR or security clients cannot be categorised."

Quinton Watts, ESET
Quinton Watts | VP Marketing and Sales - ESET: “Having always believed in the power of PR and its contribution to raising the brand I decided to move over to Eskenzi from one of the largest international PR groups. The biggest worry of continuity moving from a large agency was quickly dispelled with a seamless uptake of the accounts and our existing industry contacts. I have been continuously delighted by their professionalism, fresh approach and above all results they have achieved. Eskenzi have proven beyond a doubt that they punch way above their weight and the measurable uplift in results has led to an immediate increase in PR budget with total confidence that it is money well spent.”

Ray Stanton, CISO
Ray Stanton | CISO: Outstanding team, ethically, morally, professionally. Truly a pleasure to work with and know. They strive to ensure everyone benefits, their customers, or customers customers. Yvonne and Neil’s ethos of doing the right thing and driving change in the security industry is second to none. This is the culture they have embedded into their company.

Richard Kirk, European Director - Alienvault
Richard Kirk | European Director - Alienvault: "Thank you so much! Once again Eskenzi proves that it is the best security PR agency in the UK, and perhaps Europe. We are lucky to have you representing us."

Roger Knott, Proofpoint
Roger Knott, Director, Global Corporate Communications - Proofpoint:
“I have been absolutely amazed with the media results. Eskenzi delivered from the moment we started our relationship and continues to exceed our expectations. The Eskenzi team that manages our PR in EMEA is a group of exceptional professionals that has been pivotal in establishing our brand and credibility in the marketplace. The benefit of working with Eskenzi is the quality of thinking, specialized services and unwavering dedication we receive from each member of the team.”

TK Keanini, Lancope
TK Keanini CTO – Lancope: “Eskenzi PR - a proactive, professional team that always delivers great results. Their industry knowledge is second to none. Definitely the best PR agency I have worked with.”

Winifred Shum, Imperva
Winifred Shum, PR Director "Imperva has been working with Eskenzi for several years now. Time and again they have proven their ability to plan and deliver on our PR needs. I find the team extremely dedicated and professional and go way beyond the call of duty to get our research and thought leadership out there. I consider them a key part of our PR team.”