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Eskenzi Spotlights: Katrielle Soussana, Account Executive (US)

By January 30, 2024No Comments

We’re spotlighting the incredibly talented team at Eskenzi PR, starting with Katrielle! Based on the East Coast, Katrielle is responsible for hunting down media opportunities for her clients, crafting thought leadership articles, and driving rapid response activities with US media. Highly versed in digital skills, Katrielle also supports with video editing and designing graphics for both Eskenzi and our global clients.

How long have you worked at Eskenzi?

It all started with the successful internship I had with Eskenzi about a year and a half ago. While living in London for a summer, I got the chance to learn first-hand from the fantastic team at London HQ. Following this internship, I returned home to the East Coast to remotely pursue an Account Executive position with Eskenzi’s US team.

Teams or Zoom or Google Meets? Why?

Zoom! I love the pre-set background that gives you the appearance of floating in outer space.

Favourite streaming series?

Lately? The Last Kingdom. But all-time favourites are HBO classics—Six Feet Under and True Blood. Fun fact: both of these were actually created by the same guy!

Where’s your happy place?

Over a small bridge from my hometown (Wilmington, NC) is the beautiful Wrightsville Beach. Nothing could beat the clear, turquoise waters, the golden sunsets, the ponderous heat, or the mellow energies of the folks soaking under the sun.

Go to Karaoke song?

You could not pay me enough to sing karaoke. 🤪

What do you do for work/life balance?

As someone who works remotely, it’s certainly been a learning process to figure out how to create work-life boundaries. Part of PR is being aware of the news cycle almost constantly, but it’s equally as important to have moments to oneself. My best practice for this is to make sure I have time in the morning before I sit down at my desk to just enjoy a coffee and read a chapter or so of my book. If that’s done, then I’m square!

What’s something you’re proudest of during your time at Eskenzi?

I am very proud of how much I’ve been able to learn since I first started with Eskenzi. Considering I was pretty much a PR (and cybersecurity) newbie upon first joining the team, the best thing I ever did was throw myself into it head-first! With the indispensable guidance of both the UK and US teams, I think I’ve come to understand the industry and the job in a way I never would have predicted I could. But, the learning never ends and I’m so excited to continue developing my PR capabilities!

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