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What Can a Tech PR Agency Help With?

  • Coverage in major press

  • Press releases

  • Content creation

  • Outreach

  • Reputation management

  • Crisis management

  • Media relations

  • Social media

  • Market research

  • Media training

  • Internal copywriting

  • Event planning

  • Overcoming Bad PR

  • SEO and linkbuilding

  • Content marketing

  • Messaging

Where Our Clients Have Been Featured

London, UK

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California, US

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Paris, FR

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Meet The Team


Yvonne Eskenzi


Director and Founder of Eskenzi PR – Was there life before Eskenzi PR? it was her time at News International Exhibitions launching massive consumer shows that gave her the impetus to start her own business with her first client being Reed Exhibitions the owners of Infosecurity who took her on for her golden touch at turning any new show she worked on into a success. It didn’t take long before the cybersecurity industry came knocking on her door to turn them into household names too, and so Eskenzi became known as “The Cyber-Security PR agency”. Helping more than 300 clients over the years, Yvonne has been described in PR Week as “the matriarch of technology PR – what Yvonne doesn’t know about PR or her security clients cannot be categorised,” they said. With one journalist quoted as saying “If you could clone Yvonne and her team then you could invade China”

Yvonne had her proudest moment this year when the agency received the Queen’s Awards for Enterprise for outstanding achievement in Export, which is the highest accolade a British company can receive. Yvonne and Neil were both invited to Buckingham Palace to receive their award.

When Yvonne’s not being a “PR professional” she’s usually renovating a house, designing the interiors, making pottery very badly and most importantly eating and drinking with her family and friends or travelling to far flung places. And of course she’s been known to have “no carbs before Marbs”, so she can hang out and behave very badly with her girlfriends.


Neil Stinchcombe


As a cofounder of Eskenzi PR, Neil has lead PR, Marketing and Social Media for clients in the following sectors: Information Security, Big Data, Mobile, Broadcast, Telecoms, Storage and Electronics. Neil is also on the UK Advisory Board for ISSA, the Conservative Technology Forum and the White Hat Ball.

Lara Lackie

Senior Account Director

Eskenzi has been lucky enough to have Lara for over five years (and to all those head-hunters she has no intention of moving)! As a senior director at Eskenzi Lara is relentless, and known as the rapid response queen. Never a day goes by when she doesn’t get her clients in the nationals, TV or on the radio. A legend for jumping on stories as they break and her clients adore her, working on a wide range of topics from DDOS, biometrics and even health tech PR - nothing holds her back. Outside of work, she loves nothing more than headbanging front and centre at a rock/metal gig, binge-watching RuPaul’s Drag Race, and spending quality time with her son and two very naughty rescue dogs. Just don’t get on the wrong side of her, as she has spent 3 years training as a pro-wrestler.

Lucy Harvey

Account Director

Lucy joined Eskenzi PR in January 2013 and she has almost ten years’ experience working in IT security PR. During her career, Lucy has worked with some of the biggest brands in the industry including Adobe, Vodafone, ESET, Imperva, Proofpoint and BskyB. Lucy graduated in 2009 with a BA (hons) in Journalism from Edinburgh’s Napier University. Lucy loves media relations and enjoys coming up with creative campaigns and new ways to drive awareness around IT security issues. In her spare time, Lucy loves spending time with her daughter, shopping and going for long walks in the countryside.

What is Tech PR?


In the fast-growing tech industry, tech PR covers a lot of topics includes technology, cryptocurrency, cybersecurity, hacking, cloud computing and IT security.

The role of tech PR can be vital to help grow, scale or maintain an exciting tech brand. Whether it is putting out press releases, sharing news or responding to current events, a good agency and approach can be the difference to hitting your sales target or new.

Tech specifically is different to your average startup, with a completely different range of publications, journalists and news sites such as Wired, TechCrunch and SC Magazine.

Starting in 1995, Eskenzi PR was one of the first companies in the UK to focus on tech PR. We have developed close relationships with well-known journalists and publications and are in the perfect position to lead your campaign and maximise exposure for you and your brand.

Areas We Cover


As a global PR company, we have experience in covering stories worldwide and gaining quality exposure in publications across multiple companies.

With offices in London, Paris and Hanover, we have a strong presence as a tech PR agency in Europe, with equally strong collaborations in the Middle East too, including tech hubs such as Dubai and Tel Aviv in Israel.

Beyond this, we have an office in California, where we attend regular events and this has helped us create further relationships and synergies across other US states and cities in the last 20 years in popular startup and tech areas such as Austin, Boston and Palo Alto.

Why Use Eskenzi PR as Your Tech PR Company?


We are an experienced Tech PR agency and specialise in campaigns that have gained exposure across the world.

With offices in the US, UK, France and Germany, our teams are in the perfect positions to assist and maximise your exposure.

Our personal approach and attention to detail has seen us become one of the top PR companies for tech over the last 25 years and in 2018, we were awarded The Queen’s Award for Enterprise and International Trade.

Whether you are a new brand and looking to get exposure in some of the largest publications in the world, or if you are an existing brand and looking for a fresh perspective to your existing campaigns or to overcome a challenge – we are here to put your mind at ease and deliver the best PR campaigns possible.


Why Do I Need a Tech PR Agency?

A capable Tech PR agency can help get your product or business in front of people that matter. Whilst you have a great product or offering, you sometimes need to get in front of the right journalists and editors who can promote your story and get it out to the best audience possible.

When working with a PR team, your business is potentially seen by millions worldwide – and the impact that this can have you on business can be life-changing.

When running your own business, you are busy with the everyday operations and PR is something that come sometimes take a backseat.

But with a specialist Tech PR company on your side, you have a hard-working team of experienced people, who are constantly reaching out to publishers and chasing up stories on your behalf.

When a good PR strategy comes to life, you are able to get featured in some of the world’s largest publications – and this opens doors in terms of new customers, investors, partners and has a noticeable impact on your revenues.

A good agency like Eskenzi PR will help you with their industry network that goes beyond PR with associations, analysts, educators, influencers, bloggers, suppliers, awards, speaking submissions and of course being included in industry events etc

As a specialist agency, we sleep, eats and speak your subject matter day in, day out – and finding one who knows what they’re talking about and truly getting you coverage every day is gold dust and worth sourcing and keeping. 

We have become an invaluable partner to hundreds of businesses, taking them on a journey that often leads to an IPO or acquisition. Eskenzi PR has done this on multiple occasions and we typically stay with the clients on their journey for around 7 years.




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Going Above And Beyond

Eskenzi PR offers a full service in PR, marketing, digital marketing, (online) events and surveys, but we also go above and beyond for our clients offering so much more:

IT Security Analyst & CISO Forum

A chance to meet a year’s worth of the industry’s most important analysts and attend a round-table debate with London’s best CISOs in just two days.

Infosecurity Europe Press & Analyst Lunch

Each year at Infosecurity Europe, Eskenzi PR organises an informal press and analyst lunch where our clients can attend an additional 2-3 press meetings (this is on top of what we organise for them at the tradeshow).

European Cybersecurity Bloggers Awards

Always the hottest ticket in town during Infosecurity Europe, the European Cybersecurity Bloggers Awards recognises the best blogs and podcasts in the industry.

The Hacker Tales

The popular Hacker Tales bedtime stories is a number of short stories from cybersecurity expert contributors detailing scenarios around breaches and hacks.

Content Discovery Audit

All organisations (big and small) have hidden gems of content that are not being used. The Content Discovery Audit will uncover these gems and create a pipeline of interesting and compelling material to support your business goals.

Marketing Best Practice and Intelligence Swapping Sessions

These regular get-togethers for our clients allow them to meet with their marketing peers and share valuable insight into various initiatives that have worked; and also the ones that maybe weren’t so good.

IT Security Guru

The IT Security Guru, a website Eskenzi PR has created and managed for over seven years, offers a daily news digest of all the best breaking cybersecurity news stories! The IT Security Guru also does fantastic independent reviews by Dave Mitchell who is the best product reviewer in the country.

Security Serious Unsung Heroes Awards

Eskenzi PR’s annual search for the cybersecurity industry’s unsung heroes. We believe this industry consists of some truly remarkable individuals and we want to reward them.

What Our Clients Say

“Eskenzi PR is our “golden standard” that we measure all our other agencies against – they get PR and deliver results day in and day out, in fact, exceeding all our expectations. They blow us away with their results and of course their creativity. We’re now working with them internationally in the UK, US and Brazil and renewed our faith in PR agencies.”


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“Working with Eskenzi has been fantastic. They seem really attentive. They speak to my marketing team on a weekly basis. We’ve had some great press releases go out and generally, I think the guys have been great with keeping in touch and also bringing suggestions to the table, which is exactly what you want from a company like Eskenzi.”

Immersive Labs


“The Eskenzi team has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. They’re a small, nimble team that delivers results you would expect from a top global PR firm. The combination of their exceptional media relations and their expertise in the cybersecurity industry has made them an invaluable partner.”




Frequently Asked Questions

At Eskenzi PR, we are pleased to offer bespoke pricing for every client that we work with. We understand that every company is different and we want to reflect that in our costs, offering flexible options where possible, whether it is a one-off campaign or ongoing retainers. 

The scope of work will include press release creation, conducting surveys and interviews to reaching out to different media platforms and securing the best coverage for you.

To get a quote, simply contact our director Neil Stinchcombe for more information.

If you are looking to launch a tech PR campaign, Eskenzi will be able to advise and manage everything from start to finish. From sitting down with you to develop the right tone of voice, creating quality content and data and reaching out to all our media contacts to secure you the best global press possible. 

Our experienced team is here to help you every step of the way and use tech PR to share your message and supercharge your brand.

Included in tech PR is also reputation management, crisis management, media relations, media training, messaging and even SEO.

As a global Tech PR company, we can successfully generate press all over the world including tech hubs such as the US, UK, Germany, Dubai, Israel, Asia and more.

A good PR campaign can take anywhere from 3 months to 12 months depending on the nature and scope of your project. The more time we have, the better chance that we can work closely with you and some journalists to secure coverage on the biggest media platforms. We are flexible to work with one-off campaigns and ongoing retainers to maximise exposure for you.

Yes, we are very accustomed to writing press releases for our clients, creating the right tone and message for your brand. Whether it is the launch of a product, an exciting announcement or overcoming a crisis, we are experienced in writing press releases that will portray your business in the best light possible.

Our PR proposition extends to all kinds of tech including cybersecurity, IT security, data, AI, wearable tech, biotechnology and more.

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