Eskenzi PR currently has over 30 clients who consist of some of the biggest public quoted security companies to the most innovative start-ups, not just in cybersecurity but in broadcasting, forensics and general IT.

Eskenzi PR currently has over 30 clients who consist of some of the biggest public quoted security companies to the most innovative start-ups, not just in cybersecurity but in broadcasting, forensics and general IT.

We have successfully worked with our clients on 25 IPOs and 19 acquisitions worth over $16bn with the most recent being Imperva who were acquired by Thoma Bravo for $2.1bn.

Most of our clients stay with Eskenzi for an average of 5 years with many stemming out of Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv.  Often our clients kick off with their PR in the UK, but quickly use our services to build momentum across Europe into the US and Singapore or Australia.  We work increasingly with VC funds as well as a number of highly successful, fast-growing UK start-ups. We embed ourselves into each and every company that we work with, quickly becoming an extension of their executive team for counsel, advice and of course brainstorming to keep that content pipeline well oiled. For a current list of our clients contact

“In the first month of our engagement with Eskenzi PR, we have got more coverage than we received in the whole 2 years from our previous PR agency. I’m blown away by what you’ve accomplished for us and already our share of voice has increased significantly”


“We’ve worked with Eskenzi for many years and when the board wanted to expand awareness for AlienVault in EMEA they immediately reached out to Yvonne as they knew she’d be able to sprinkle her magic and help to make it happen. Yvonne and her team have certainly done that and more! Never a day goes by when we’re not being contacted by our Eskenzi team to respond to a PR opportunity they’ve sent us or proactively get us in front of the media to discuss the InfoSec space & what businesses of all sizes need to do today to improve their security posture. Eskenzi has been our PR partner in the UK since the early stages when we looked to expand beyond Spain to making us a well recognized brand in the UK to our acquisition by AT&T. I can’t think of a better PR partner who ‘gets it’ than team Eskenzi!”


“We cannot underestimate the impact and role played by Eskenzi PR in building our brand and profile. The team’s relentless drive and creative approach helps elevate Alert Logic high above the general market noise and differentiate our brand in a crowded and competitive marketplace. Reliable, creative and always there for us – Eskenzi PR is a pivotal strategic partner on our journey from good to great.”

Alert Logic

“I’ve known Yvonne for a number of years. In fact, when I was at a previous security company, I worked with Eskenzi PR as early as 2005. They did a fantastic job for us then and when I got into this position at Outpost24, I was looking for some help and there was only one place to go. I contacted Yvonne and we started looking at how she could help this company (Outpost24) get more visibility and improve our PR programme – to which they’ve already done a fabulous job.”


“Every day I come into the office and open my email, I see yet another quality placement by the Eskenzi team. I also see dialogue with our PR team for information seeking to garner multiple new placements. I really appreciate the work by our Eskenzi team and their tireless management of our account. They don’t just respond to the news, they partner with us to actively drive our message to the market. Their work has been instrumental in establishing awareness of Synopsys as a vendor for software security and quality.”

Marketing at Synopsys

“Eskenzi PR crushes it every single day and my team is savvy, extremely knowledgeable about the key media and analyst influencers and has been a tremendous asset to Cybereason since day one.”


“The Eskenzi team has exceeded our expectations on all fronts. They’re a small, nimble team that delivers results you would expect from a top global PR firm. The combination of their exceptional media relations and their expertise in the cybersecurity industry has made them an invaluable partner. Eskenzi has set the bar for our PR programs worldwide.”

Strategic Communications, Synopsys

“When we are looking for an agency, we are looking for people with specialist knowledge in the cybersecurity industry, and they come across as very knowledgeable and have the right media contacts for us in cybersecurity.”


“We’ve been extremely lucky to have been able to work with a PR company that focuses on cybersecurity. I think that the cybersecurity space is very particular – it’s part of a technology aspects (it has technological aspects?), it’s an industry that has its own lingo and its own way of operating. Having a PR agency that understands that space who can also leverage multiple different companies in that space is of tremendous value – we can talk to the right people, at the right level, with the right set of information, and we don’t have to start from the very beginning to talk to an audience that is often very knowledgeable and educated.”


“Team Eskenzi are extremely pleasant to work with. Their proactive nature in handling news and media are commendable. I find them extremely efficient in communicating and managing responses both across our organisation and externally. Most importantly, Eskenzi are well integrated into the security community and stay on top of the latest news. I recommend their services for any organisation that is looking to boost their Media & PR presence.”

Falanx Group

“Eskenzi has been our choice of agency for the last five years or so both in the US and the UK… I love working with them. They’re very creative in their approach to PR and have expanded their capabilities beyond PR, which is a good addition to expanding our brand and our thought leadership. The team is fantastic – they are extension of our team. I love how proactive they are in bringing us opportunities that are helpful for our business.”


“Working with Eskenzi has been fantastic. They seem really attentive. They speak to my marketing team on a weekly basis. We’ve had some great press releases go out and generally, I think the guys have been great with keeping in touch and also bringing suggestions to the table, which is exactly what you want from a company like Eskenzi.”

Immersive Labs

“We were referred to Eskenzi by one of our investors. They said they had a very good relationship with them for a very long time, and still do. They weren’t wrong! It’s been a great partnership from the beginning as they understood immediately what we needed, how we do it and have got us great traction since day one. It’s all about the day-to-day work they do, and their flexibility working with us during very late hours, all the time, around the clock…”



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