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How to approach Social Media PR

By May 19, 2009January 4th, 2023No Comments

“Social media interactions must follow through the culture of the organisation”

I came across a very interesting blog recently by Cindy Kim on ‘The Future of PR – How PR Firms Can Get on the Ball!’

It is well worth a read if you are interested in how to approach Social Media PR, I whole heartedly agree with all that Cindy has written and would add that when incorporating social media communication into the Marcomms strategy the organisation needs to get involved from the CEO to tech support. Much in the way that if IT is implemented to effect change management without the buy in from the business units and the executive team, social media interactions must follow through the culture of the organisation. There is always innate talent in an organisation which social media has the power to free and give voice to. It is even more important in social media interaction for all communication to be consistent, honest, and get your message across, to do this there must be fundamental buy in from the top down. Every employee can potentially become an ambassador for your organisation, so an internal comms campaign is essential to support their efforts.

Neil Stinchcombe – Director