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SEO sounds great – but what does it actually mean for marketers?

 This is our little bit of input on SEO – hope it helps

SEO has been a buzzword for a while, but it still sounds a bit ‘techie’ to a lot of people who know it is important but don’t really know what it means for them. But as a good friend once said to me, “writing for good SEO is just good writing.” She’s absolutely right.


As a marketing department, it is important to ensure that you use the words and phrases that resonate with your customers (and therefore the search terms they might use when looking for you online) throughout all your marketing content. You should be using consistent language across different marketing activity, and you should ensure that language is the same as your customers, prospects and the industry uses. If you do that, SEO will follow.


If you don’t do that already, there are a few steps you can take to put it in place:

  1. Develop a Master Keyword List in the language (words and phrases) your target audience is using to search for your solutions. (For a more detailed overview on how to build a keyword list, read: How to Accomplish SEO Success by Developing a Master Keyword List)
  2. Share the list with everyone involved in creating marketing content for your company and ensure that they use the right, relevant words and phrases when they are writing for you (and, of course, review the list regularly to ensure it is still up to date)
  3. Review your existing content, perhaps under different campaigns, and ensure that the right words and phrases are used in them. If not then you’ll need to add them, but make sure this is done naturally so it doesn’t feel as if they are just there for SEO!
  4. Talk to your web team on a regular basis to track how SEO is working for you


Having an integrating marketing message is all about common sense.  It’s about communicating with your all the people involved in your marketing, bringing them together and collaborating to make sure you are all singing from the same song sheet using the same words to do so.

Easy when you know how!