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InfoSec 2018 – Tips on getting the most PR out of it!

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InfoSec 2018

Ok, so you’ll be lucky if, this year, 30 good tier one press even come to Infosec. Gone are the days when 300+ would show up and cruise the show openly interviewing exhibitors to see what was new (and I’m sure that’s got nothing to do with the fact that we no longer do the PR!!).

Boy oh boy – if you want to get  interviews, you’re going to have to think long and hard about what it is you’ve got that’s going to make a hard working journalist want to see you, especially as it’s only humanly possible for them to see a maximum of 7 vendors per day. This year you’re going to have to think outside of the box and work harder and smarter than ever before to get PR from the show, and it may not even be from the press you rely on to get it. You’re going to have to be your very own content machine. Think like Graham Cluley, Carole Theriault, Ken Munro or Javvad Malik – these are all self styled security content kings & queens who inform us smartly with humour, intelligence and considered rhetoric.

It’s a new exciting world out there, where you no longer have to scratch your heads wondering how on earth are you going to entice the media at a show like infosec. You can make your own news by producing riveting, exciting, original commentary through a blog on what you see as new interesting products and solutions. Spend your three days at Infosec tweeting, blogging and videoing the unusual, quirky human interest stuff that’s going to resonate with people! Become your own PR machine and offer considered thoughtful opinion – the human side or your expert take on what’s emerging that’s new and worthwhile.

How Best to PR Yourself at InfoSec

Here is our advice on how best to PR yourself at Infosec, based on 22 years’ experience of doing the PR for the show for hundreds of clients, plus the knowledge of the extended Eskenzi PR team who have spent the last 4 weeks on the phone to those very press attending Infosec this year!

If you have the following, Infosecurity will be a runaway success from a PR point of view!

Have you got some original research to release at this year’s show that will grab the attention of the press?

Have you got a topical take on a news related story? E.g. are you working on the first GDPR blunder?

Has your team discovered a new malware or breach?

Have you got a Guru or leading expert in town?

Do you have a new product that’s got something truly original that’s going to make a difference?

Have you got an unique spin on a new topic?

Is your speaking slot going to give some smart, original insight?

Do you have a product that’s not just threat intelligence?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then great; your PR is going to be awesome. If you answered no to all of the above, then you can still take advantage of being at the show by doing some of the following.

  1. Press releases – there’s still a press office so put your news releases in there and visit it frequently to see which journalists are there that could be interested in your company.
  2. You need to attract journalists’ attention in the press office, so put something bright and eye catching in there. How about giveaways? Do you have any bags, pens etc.? – journalists love freebies!
  3. You still have a week to get people to your stand, so get blogging, send out email shots, mention Infosec at the bottom of your email signature.
  4. Produce a good handout that people can read there and then.
  5. Network and use the show to make new partnerships, use it for recruitment and to educate and impress new clients.
  6. Make sure your stand has words that sum up eloquently what you do.
  7. Get bright, smart, alert people to work your booth. Not tired old sales guys no longer hungry for leads.
  8. Do not let anyone on your stand who is hungover, has smelly breath from the night before and doesn’t want to be there.
  9. Think how you will stand out from the crowd. Giveaways, uniqueness, messaging, enthusiasm, desire to help?
  10. What’s your objective? To scan every lead or focus on a few qualified leads? How will you filter them out?
  11. Remember to follow them up immediately – don’t hang around!
  12. Don’t waste time talking to the wrong people. Qualify them quickly and move on.
  13. Can you use this opportunity to do some market research?
  14. Can you do a survey to get original content for press releases or an opinion piece?
  15. Do not allow your staff to talk to each other – they should be outwardly looking to catch every passing visitor.
  16. Smile at everyone and ask people as they walk past your stand “ are you looking for a so and so solution then come on in – you’ve come to the right place!”
  17. Make it easy for every visitor to feel comfortable to approach you.
  18. Don’t overcrowd/clutter your stand.
  19. Do not eat on your stand.
  20. Have enough literature and plan to have back up if you run out
  21. Wear comfy shoes
  22. Take pictures and videos and make sure you use these after the show in whatever way you possible can as Content, Content, Content is the PR mantra that works!