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Three things to look out for when recruiting for cybersecurity PR

By February 14, 2020January 4th, 2023No Comments

It must be one of the more niche requests received by recruiters: We need someone who loves to flex their creative muscles, writes beautifully and fluently and think outside the box in terms of solutions to problems. However, we also need someone who is comfortable learning about some of the most complex ideas, solutions and terminology in the industry.

This is the challenge which faces boutique, specialist tech PR companies like Eskenzi when hiring new staff. PR agencies dealing with consumer or mainstream business issues will only need to focus on the creative, administrative and written ability of prospective candidates, but our place in the market means we must hold candidates to a higher standard. What follows is a list of some of the things you need to focus on when hiring for cybersecurity PR positions:

Attention to detail

Unlike other agencies, our clients come from a world where detail is everything. Whether that is working as a cybersecurity professional in the infamous Israeli 8200 cyber warfare unit or developing brand new technologies to keep governments and University secrets safe (just two real-world examples from our current cache of clients), Eskenzi need to hire individuals who understand that the devil is in the detail. Our clients from academic research or military background understand that for us to truly provide them with appropriate PR services, we need to strive to understand even the minute detail of their product offerings just as well as you do.

Comfort discussing and writing about complex ideas

Security is many things, but simple is not one of them. When writing about it and trying to educate journalists and influencers about it, the complexity of these ideas must be conveyed – Whether it’s newly discovered attack methods or new technological advances. However – and crucially – these ideas must be conveyed without putting the journalist to sleep! Which brings me to my next point….

Ability to make things sexy!

The outdated image of the computer hacker hunched over a computer in his parents’ basement is one which holds powerful cultural sway, but it does little to shed true light on the security industry. We need people at Eskenzi who can sniff out a story where others think there isn’t one; that can look at a piece of newly released research and think about how it relates to the real world: Could it effect a nation-state? A major global sporting event? An election or a referendum? Being able to fashion a narrative from the security events and discoveries that make up our client’s bread and butter is what will separate a good cyber-PR person from a great one.

Don’t be afraid of selling

While not a traditional sales role in the sense of commission and person targets, make no mistake – you are selling in a PR role. Instead of products or services however, you will be selling ideas. You need to be comfortable making the case for the client’s story to journalists, whether this is via email campaigns or on the phone.

A love of writing

Eskenzi’s a company with content at its core. There is not one member of staff without a writing pedigree, which has been perfected in a wide range of ways: Writing for student newspapers, journalism degrees or simply through a love of language and storytelling. To thrive at Eskenzi and to add value for our clients, you need to have the same passion for writing shared by every member of staff.

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