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How to turn a regional event into a National story

By June 6, 2023November 28th, 2023No Comments

At Eskenzi, it has always been our job to convert a client’s news into something tangible from a media perspective: If a client has research, they want this covered by the security trade press. If they have an M&A announcement, or other corporate news, they want to see this covered even wider, to make as big a splash as possible. 


The best clients make this easy to achieve. One such example of this came from new client for 2023 Centripetal. The Eskenzi team were tasked by Centripetal to help launch their first overseas office and their official ‘coming out party’ in EMEA, with the promotion of a physical office launch event in Galway, Ireland. As this was the first office located outside of Centripetal’s home country of the US, the team were understandably keen to ensure this was a success ​


Eskenzi rose to the challenge, securing two pre-launch in-person interviews, and a total of 18 pieces of coverage, including 5 national, 3 local Galway, 2 business, 5 tier 1, 3 vertical (Ireland press). Across all the total aggregate readership was over 254 Million.


Centripetal made this an easy undertaking for several reasons: 


  • The team provided us with all of the relevant information well in advance. We had months to prepare our pre-pitch list
  • We also were provided with access to their spokespeople, who were ready and willing to undertale interviews 
  • Centripetal made every effort to ensure this news was not simply ‘talking to themselves’: The release contained quotes from Centripetal, but also from Anne-Marie Tierney Le-Roux, Head of Department Enterprise Technology at IDA Ireland, and from a Galway government representative, Minister Hildegarde Naughton TD. This worked to place the event in a broader context, and paid dividends. 

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