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Who creates the magic dust that makes iPads so special?

By May 28, 2010April 1st, 2019No Comments


The New Apple iPad

The much heralded Apple iPad finally arrived in the UK today and was met with great excitement from both the press and consumers. And having got my hands on a journalist’s iPad at a recent press event I have to say it truly is an amazing piece of kit.

Now I have to admit that I’m a massive fan of all things touch screen and I was fortunate to have launched the Microsoft Surface to the UK press last year in London whilst working at my previous agency. However the one thing that stood out for me at the launch of Surface was the device lives and dies on the quality of the applications which are available to the user. So I’ve no doubt that the Apple AppStore will play an integral part in driving user adoption as well as being key in making user experience more personal and unique as the device develops.

My only question is will the number of new iPad apps keep pace with consumer demand because, as you may or may not know, Apple is rather strict about which apps make it into their AppStore. So how do the army of developers out there frantically trying to create apps for the iPad know what the users, and Apple, want.

So, How Will Developers Keep Up?

At this point I asked a friend in the US who knows about these things to find out what makes a good app and how. As an example of a great iPad app he pointed me in the direction of a company called Big Oven; a site which has recently been recommended in Forbes ‘must have iPad Apps for professionals . Now in terms of how a developer creates that magic dust which turns a bad app into a good app (well at least in the eyes of Apple maybe), it turns out the secret to a successful app is in our hands, or at least the way we behave. Application developers need to be able to access masses of our customer data and have the ability to interpret patters and trends, sometimes in real time, to improve the product.

So for all the style and innovative beauty which the iPad offers, take a minute to remember the part that the developers play in creating the fantastic apps which make the amazing iPad experience possible.