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How to work with the press

By November 12, 2012January 9th, 2019No Comments

To some people, working with the press can be can be a daunting task, however at Eskenzi, we pride ourselves on the relationships we have created with our journalists (our award says it all J ) and building relationships with the press is something we do everyday not just for ourselves but for our clients as well.  We wanted to share with you some tips to make sure you get it right when working with journalists:

Make sure you know the journalist (this is the number one tip for a reason…if nothing else do this!)

Before speaking or contacting the press, it’s well worth doing your homework on what subjects they cover, the type of stories they write and their interests. Knowing the journalists shows you have taken time to find out what they are interested in before pitching a story to them.

React promptly

Journalists have a lot of emails coming through to them on a daily basis. If they have requested any information, it is best to react as quickly as possible as they will quickly move on to the next story.

Be respectful – of the person and their time.

A journalist’s job is to cover news and share important things with their readers and/or viewers. Keep this in mind when you get frustrated when a story you pitched isn’t picked up. Calling them constantly will not do you any favours. If they say they are busy, they are truly busy. Also, when meeting them face-to-face, be mindful of the time slot given as no doubt the journalist will be on a tight schedule, if you’re respectful they’ll appreciate it and will remember you next time you request a meeting/briefing.

Foster relationships!

One of the most important parts of working with media is fostering relationships. Connect with reporters based on their interests. Say hello when you see them in public or at networking events. The more they see your face and/or your name, the more of a connection you have – which also translates into a higher likelihood that they will review your releases/stories when they come into their inbox.

Keep it simple

Just because you are dealing with a technology journalist doesn’t mean they will understand every geek speak out there. When speaking or writing to a journalist try to keep it simple, the more they understand your story, the more likely they will use it.