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We’re recruiting!

By March 21, 2013January 9th, 2019No Comments


We’re recruiting again. How dare Hannah decide to go off travelling to South America to explore and have fun!  It’s got to be done though, I’ve done it myself. When I hit 30, Neil and I packed in our jobs, rented our house and travelled round the world for a year – best thing we’ve done. However, that now means we’re looking for an account executive with a little bit of nouse, get up and go and initiative. Once Infosecurity is out of the way and we’re in our new office, we’ll also be looking for a new account manager and a couple of interns who are creative, can pick up the phone and sell in stories (not made up ones!), know how to write with confidence and think out the box. If you want to work from the coolest not quite ready office in London and you love the idea of writing about hackers, botnets, malware and spyware – then get writing and send me over your CVs.