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An awesome month for press coverage at Eskenzi PR

By July 19, 2013January 30th, 2019No Comments

It’s been a fabulous month for press coverage for the Eskenzi family of clients – although, saying that it’s not too different to all other months; but I thought it would be interesting to highlight a typical months’ activities as we’re pretty proud of what we achieve here on a day to day basis.

The big ones were: definitely getting Rohyt Belani, the CEO of PhishMe, on BBC World News.  He just happened to be on his holidays when we got a call from the BBC who were looking for someone who could speak on a new app that kills the Apple phone if it’s stolen.  Although not Rohyt’s area of specialism out of our 15 clients, he was someone we knew who was in London and near to the BBC studios.  Hey presto, within about an hour he found himself having to buy a suit and a tie from Marks & Spencer and arrived to give an interview to 350 million viewers across the globe!

As if that wasn’t the highlight of the month, along came another call from the BBC a week later asking for a spokes- person who could talk articulately about PRISM and how private organisations work with the Government agencies to intersect information.  Although Phil Lieberman, CEO of Lieberman Software, was in LA he is a great speaker with some great strong views and he managed to do the interview over SKYPE, again to a world audience of 350 million.

So, between those two clients, that’s 700 million viewers talking about IT security news – good on them!

At Eskenzi it’s not unusual for the Nationals to come knocking on our doors for comment on cyber-crime and IT security  – after all that’s what we do – but it was nice that 3 times during the last month we got our clients interviews in the FT, twice for Imperva and Trusteer.

It hasn’t ended there, as AppRiver, a new client of ours, released an annual survey on threats and got a lead story in The Independent;  and ISACA appeared in The Guardian.

It’s also not every day that you get on the front cover of a magazine and this month we got Amar Singh the CISO of News UK and head of the security group at ISACA on the front cover of SC magazine; with the main feature interview with Amar.

Our key magazines and websites, which are of course our life-blood, were good to us, too, with SC magazine writing about our 15 clients no less than 22 times, Infosecurity 11 times, Computer Weekly 4 times and V3 4 times.

The Register, which is a goodie and really tough to get into also covered our stories 3 times as did Computing, CBR, PC Advisor, TechWeek Europe and ITProPortal.

In fact, for our 15 clients we managed to get in excess of 700 press cuttings mostly in tier 1 category publications.  We won’t be slowing down in August either, as traditionally this is a great month to get coverage for our clients because so many people go away and it’s when the press are even more hungry for great stories!  So watch out for more press coverage from our clients who’ll be announcing lots of news, reports, facts and figures over the next coming months.