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Eskenzi’s newest client AppRiver appears in every national newspaper

By August 28, 2013January 9th, 2019No Comments

AppRiver a privately run company in Gulf Breeze, US approached Eskenzi in May to help them become more visible in the UK market. They already had over 45,000 corporate customers and secure over eight million mailboxes around the world – but their challenge was to build a stronger brand presence in the UK, where their only previous marketing had been through word-of-mouth. Other than customers, few had ever heard of them outside of the already quite competitive email and web security space.

Eskenzi began by placing some of AppRivers excellent blogs with the press which were warning people about the phishing scams around the birth of Prince George and then again over the spoof websites set up around the time of the Spanish train disaster – these blogs were picked up by the nationals with the immediate reaction that the head of Channel sales in the UK was approached by a number of Channel partners as well picking up some rather lucrative sales leads.

Knowing that there would be a strong demand for interesting news during the summer lull, Eskenzi encouraged AppRiver to commission a survey with OnePoll, on phone habits amongst 1000 people across the UK. AppRiver took the plunge and had faith in our vision for them and it paid off!! The first release was issued over a quiet August bank holiday on the compelling subject of Nomophobia – the fear of being without your mobile phone and it’s appeared in every national newspaper in the UK, plus being mentioned on Daybreak TV, other radio stations around the world and numerous other trade and technical websites too. The story has also been picked up internationally and has appeared in over 12 countries to date – being translated into numerous languages.

The corollary of the story is if you want to get noticed you need to be a bit adventurous, have faith in your PR agency, invest a little bit in slightly off the wall ideas and choose the right time, such as a holiday, quiet Friday, to send the news out if you possibly can. In AppRiver’s case, it’s paid off, they’re a really cool client ready to try all sorts of ideas and we’ll go the extra mile for them because we work really well as a team. Now if a potential customer searches for AppRiver they can be found right at the top of the search engines!