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An Act of Conscience

By September 17, 2013December 1st, 2023No Comments

A journalist recently called into question whether a client was exploiting recent tragedies for its own gain. This particular instance saw hackers using the recent train derailment in Spain, amongst other things, to spread malware: and the client was alerting people to the fact.

As a pr professional, it is my job to secure column inches for clients. However, this remark made me stop and ask – who was exploiting who? Is it the hackers? Is it the client? Is it me? Or is it the publications that hungrily lap up and spew out the facts? You can draw your own conclusion.

From a personal perspective I’m uncomfortable when people ask me what I do for a living, especially as PR has such a bad reputation. Even my own family don’t understand what I do – my father used to tell people that my job was to tell stories. But I would argue that PR is not all about spin, there’s a serious element to what I do.

However, having taken time to reflect, I’ve realised that working in the security sector actually gives me a sense of pride. I believe that, in the fight against good and evil, I’m firmly in the former camp. I don’t capitalise on personal tragedies but, if criminals try to exploit the situation, surely it’s the job of clients – and therefore me, to name and shame them to limit the damage?

– Dulcie –