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Combating cyber security threats with openness

By September 18, 2013January 7th, 2019No Comments


Here at Eskenzi PR, we like to have our fingers firmly on the pulse of cyber security news and trends.  We have noticed recently announcements from the likes of HP and CrowdStrike that companies are now starting to jump on the “crowdsource” bandwagon and are beginning to realise that the best way to combat cyber security threats is to share information.

Crowd source / open source, whatever you want to call it – this is a message that our client, AlienVault has pioneered since the company’s inception.  In fact, it is the basis of its business.  AlienVault’s Open Threat Exchange (OTX) is an open and collaborative platform that has become the largest threat information repository with over 8,000 contributors from more than 140 countries that share threats every day.  Barmak Meftah, CEO and president of AlienVault commented:

“We welcome [these] announcement[s] and see [them] as further validation of what we’ve known for a long time: Crowdsourcing or open source threat intelligence is the only way organisations have any hope of combating the ‘bad guys’.  We’ve learned first-hand that being open and collaborative are the essential requirements to sharing and disseminating the comprehensive threat intelligence that no one company could ever collect in isolation.  The era of closed systems and proprietary enterprise solutions to address the security concerns of organisations around the world is over.”

It is great to see this openness in the security industry catching on with more and more companies; after all if we all work together, it will go a long way towards furthering our goals.

– Beth