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Combining opinions makes perfect PR sense

By October 17, 2013January 30th, 2019No Comments

With so many clients in the infosecurity space, commentary on the same news stories is bound to happen. It’s always great for us when we get comment on news or industry reports from a number of clients that either is agreement with each other or perhaps even conflicting opinions. It happens often – and this week we had four clients commenting on the Forrester report ‘Understand the State of Data Security and Privacy’.

The report found internal threats to be the leading cause of data breaches. This is something our clients have been saying for a while, but a good piece of research is always good to back your claims. Lancope, ISACA, Imperva and Tripwire all provided informative, relevant commentary which we sent to our target publications. For research that is not breaking news, providing reaction and comments makes for good editorial- and even better if there are numerous people to quote; it makes a ready-made story for the journalist.

We are delighted when one comment is picked up, so we were thrilled that all four comments were used together in ITProPortal, Infosecurity and IT Security Guru. This is a good example of when client commentary works really well together.  And it is something that has worked really well for us over the years.

We may not all work on the same clients, but we do work together internally to know when we can combine efforts to provide a strong(er) pitch for the journalists that we work with- it also means we are not all sending a bunch of emails from the same company to the same journalists.

And, wah-la!- everyone is happy.

By: Katie and Beth