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eBay breach hits the headlines

By May 30, 2014December 13th, 2023No Comments



We’re at a time where Cybersecurity is internationally one of the most important factors for individuals as well as companies alike. Yet data breaches are happening with a higher frequency and making headline news at an alarming pace; this makes our job incredibly exciting and allows us to provide media coverage for our clients at an exponential rate.

Recently, eBay – one of the largest online retailers worldwide – was the victim of a large scale data breach that came to light at the end of last week, revealing the credentials of around 233m users had been accessed. Although no financial information had been obtained by the hackers, information such as encrypted passwords, customer names, dates of birth, and contact details had been affected.
Our coverage highlights from the news included:

–          The Telegraph (AppRiver, Voltage)

–          The Guardian (AppRiver)

–          Sky News (ESET, Tripwire)

–          BBC News (ESET)

–          ITV News (ESET – twice!)

–          The Independent (Voltage)

–          The Mirror (IT Security Guru)

–          International Business Times (Tripwire)

–          Yahoo Finance (Bromium)

–          SC Magazine (ESET, AppRiver)

–          IT Security Guru (ESET, Tripwire)

–          V3 (Tripwire, Sestus, Voltage)

–          Tech Week Europe (Voltage, Tripwire)

–          CIR (AppRiver, Sestus)

–          Techworld (Sestus)

–          Nulzsec (ESET)

–          Information Security Buzz (ESET)

–          Security FAQs (ESET)

We’re thrilled that our clients are so cooperative and available for media opportunities such as these that move so rapidly. This has been a brilliant week and one that we’re happy to boast just a little about!