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A review from Dan Raywood on The IT security analyst & CISO forum 2014

By July 29, 2014No Comments

This summer saw Eskenzi host it’s eighth IT Security analyst and CISO forum and once again, it was a huge success.

This was my first time at the event and it was really good to see some of the biggest names in the sector come together to not only share ideas, but also pass their judgement upon the various sponsoring vendors. I was given the opportunity to shoot videos with the analysts and ask a series of questions, these videos which are now on the website

The main crux of the first day was around the analysts meeting the vendors, and after a social soiree the second day saw these vendors, analysts and some of the leading CISOs and security managers get the opportunity to ask and answer questions from the assembled group. In fact it was less a grilling, and more the industry’s finest coming together on a giant roundtable – with the CISOs honestly bearing all, niggles, challenges and concerns.

Many of the analysts fly over especially from the US to attend this event and for many it is the only event they go to where they don’t charge, as they find that the vendors and end-user meetings are totally invaluable and mould their future reports and thought-processes.

For many of the vendors who participated it was great to see so many CTOs also fly over from the US, who literally get to meet all the analysts they need to, in one place all at one time.

Those analysts I got the chance to speak to told me how valuable the event was to them, and for the vendors who took the time to invest in the event, they got an valuable insight into what the analysts think and what their customers want.

If you are finding that your analyst relations are lacking somewhat, look to get involved next year.

Elsewhere we have been busy getting out and about; I was delighted to be invited to international conferences hosted by EEMA in Vienna, by Queens University Belfast’s Centre for Secure IT and in September I’ll be among the speakers at the UK’s hacker event 44con.

– By Dan Raywood