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High fivin’ Client-Agency teamwork

By August 22, 2014No Comments


high five


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to PR, especially on the agency side. While there are certain principles and formulas we can apply to our work to get the best results, the reality is – no two clients are the same! It’s what keeps working in an agency interesting, exciting and yes, sometimes challenging.  PR is made up of all sorts of clients from the super-responsive, enthusiastic ones that have SO much going on that sometimes it’s almost TOO much, to those that expect the world but lack the resources to provide the content needed to generate headlines.


And we like a challenge, it’s what keeps things fresh.


For all clients, regardless of the amount of time and resources they can contribute, we work as a team.  We have the contacts, ideas, creativity and industry knowledge to get clients into the media building their brand and reputation. We get to know the company inside out and this initial effort is incredibly valuable to the client-agency relationship and pays dividends in Tier 1 coverage.


We jump on breaking news and keep up to date with trends, because our clients don’t always have the time to watch for breaking news stories that they can contribute to and provide insight. Luckily, we’re in a fast moving industry with news that is breaking almost hourly and this is where our rapid media response works for the busier client who wants masses of quality coverage but doesn’t always have the time to dedicate to it.


In fact, leveraging a PR agency in this way makes real sense, especially if it is a niche agency.  Who better to know what’s going on and what the competition is up to, than the team that is reading the very media and tracking the stories that the client wants to be in on a continuous basis.


But our dream clients are those that do get involved. For the simple reason that they know their businesses better than anyone else.  The press, especially the type of specialist press that we deal with, can see straight through PR “fluff”.  By fluff I mean the tenuous pitches void of real information spun in such a way that journalists would more likely give up their first born child than print a word about this type of client. We pride ourselves on not doing this as journalists don’t like seeing it.  We know this.  So it is important that we get the cold, hard facts, based on solid research and offer quality spokespeople to the press.   That is why Eskenzi has been ranked the 2nd most rated tech agency by the journalist community in the UK and the fourth most rated agency across all sectors according to research conducted by PR week with 4000 journalists.


When it comes down to it, clients who put the most in will get the most out; but that isn’t to say if you don’t have a huge amount of resources that you shouldn’t bother.  A good PR agency will figure out the best way to work as team with you, and while results may vary, you will see them.