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Eskenzi/Stinchcombe clan are hopping it over to the US

By November 26, 2014January 8th, 2019No Comments


OMG – so it’s nearly here – 2 days before our 2 month trip to San Francisco!  It all started a year ago with the dark November nights’ drawing in with our older daughter wondering what she was going to do during her gap year before going to Uni!  Then our youngest daughter piped up and suggested she could also take a gap year after her GCSEs before going on to study her A’levels – that’s when I thought why not go to the US for a couple of months during those deep miserable dark winter months.  That way we could all go off on one merry trip together as a family and Neil and I could look at expanding our business into the States.  By the time Neil had got home from work that night last November, we 3 girls had hatched a plan and amazingly Neil loved it.

So here we are one year later, with our bags packed, off on an adventure that we have no idea where it’s going to take us.  We have a beautiful house rented in the Marina in San Francisco and meetings set up with all our clients who are in the Bay area, plus a few meetings with new potential clients!

Our daughters have both got themselves aged 16 and 18 the most incredible internships at a brilliant media agency in San Francisco called Hub Strategy, with two others eager to talk to them when they land in the US.  With Hub, the lovely CEO said he’d take them under his wing and give them their very own client to work on! So one of their objectives is fulfilled – they’ve even been invited to the Hub Christmas party.

Neil and I have also decided to have our own Eskenzi Christmas party on 18th December where we’ve invited all our clients, friends, analysts and press – hopefully, we won’t end up drinking on our own – and if we do hell we’re in America, it’s San Francisco – the weather has got to be better than here and we’ll still have a ball!

So almost 20 years after setting up Eskenzi PR in the UK we’re ready to try our hand in the US of A!  Push those burgers to one side, we’re ready to walk on the broad walk, eat your tomatoes and start wearing a fanny pack.  I will draw the line with Neil wearing those chinos though!  Bring it on…………………..!