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Made it through the first Trimester

By November 28, 2014No Comments

To mark my three month anniversary working at Eskenzi PR, I thought why not write a blog about my experiences (I was not asked to do this at all)

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28th of August – As I entered the doors to the open planned and beautifully decorated office I had a good feeling about this place, like the warm feeling you get when you go to a family members on Christmas day. I was immediately drawn to the endless amounts of tea, coffee and biscuits, so what’s not to like? As the new girl in the office, with little experience in IT Security and PR, I was slightly nervous, like a new kid at school. However, I was warmly welcomed and made to feel like part of the family. Most importantly, I did not feel intimidated or ashamed to ask the most basic of questions. Most PR firms have horrid reputations; bitchy colleagues, endless hours and treated worse than intern making tea. Eskenzi couldn’t be any further away from this. Everyone helps one another, gratitude is always present and there’s a continuous array of mcvities biscuits. IT Security is a fast paced and exciting environment, no two days are the same here, I am always learning and all of my clients are very cooperative and informative. I find that I am speaking about the latest hacks and data breaches with my friends who are clearly impressed and confused. I have now been given the responsibility of organising CISO lunches, so no pressure then!  I’m sorry for those of you that have decided to read this expecting me to complain, moan and reveal juicy gossip but I really am enjoying my job. Hopefully my next blog will be similar and I will be telling you what a success the CISO lunch was! I would like to wish the best of luck to Yvonne and Neil who are off to America- not jealous at all.

Me at my desk working extremely hard.

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